Women of Iron Prayers

November 28, 2022

Dear Woman of Iron,

This morning as I prayed for you, I felt the exhaustion in every fiber of your being. I felt how you are moving forward by sheer will and determined faith. Quitting is not something you do. Ever.

I want you to know as I prayed for you this morning I prayed for God to give you strength, but not strength to keep pushing through or keep carrying your load.

I prayed for strength you can rest in.

HIS strength.

I prayed you would know how to lean into Him, find joy in Him, and rest in the absolute assurance of Him.

Yes, you have to walk the road, but no, you do not have to struggle under the load. Today, I pray you find peace in the hugeness of His ability and compassion and you would be given strength you can rest in.

Blessings, Woman of Iron serving the Most High God.
You are deeply loved.

Standing with you,