Jerri Kelley


I am a writer, speaker, listener, and encourager who believes in the power of prayer, the joy of fireflies, and healing power of laughter.

I’ve been published in books as well as online by Guideposts, (in)Courage, and others. I have had the privilege of teaching all sizes of groups from intimate women’s groups and church classes to women’t retreats and international dance conference.

My favorite things in life are my kids, time with friends, being outdoors, and helping people live audaciously full lives.

I’m thankful you are here and pray you are blessed and encouraged to live the beautiful person you are created to be.


If you would like, I can send you copies of all the blog posts, video links, and news on where you can find me to your inbox. It’s not as groovy as handwritten mail with a handwritten address and pretty stamp, but it is still all personally me. ❤