Thoughts and Things

  • What Does the Voice of God Sound Like in Real Life

    I am often asked what the voice of God sounds like or how to know when God is speaking. In the Bible we read, “God told this person this stuff,” and we assume it is some booming voice from heaven, and even if it is booming, it is at least audible. I can tell you… Read more

  • Lent and 1 Corinthians 13

    As of yesterday, we have entered the season of Lent. While I am not Catholic, the Protestant church I am attending observes Lent, and this year I feel compelled to observe it myself. I have only observed Lent one other time. Ten years ago, the year we ended up moving from the home where we… Read more

  • Be the Sunshine on Ice Days

    Here in North Texas we are getting an ice day. The storm hit yesterday, going to be here tomorrow, and finally letting up Thursday it seems. A lot of us are warm in our houses binging TV, drinking cocoa, and taking naps. When Thursday comes, we’ll go back to life as is with no real… Read more

  • The Estuary of Life where Faith, Gratitude, and Devastation Comingle

    January 2023 has been brutal. I can’t go into all the details, but multiple families I love dearly have endured…indescribable tragedies, and I confess to you, my body is feeling it. For three days my head and body have ached. I have not had an appetite, and yet, I want to eat ALL the moon… Read more

  • Because Sometimes Survival is Enough

    We are now three days before Christmas Day, and we are so deep in the holidays they are like the pile of blankets we can’t find our way out of. For some, that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I thing for most people, the holidays are the blankets they want to wrap up in… Read more