Be the Sunshine on Ice Days

Here in North Texas we are getting an ice day. The storm hit yesterday, going to be here tomorrow, and finally letting up Thursday it seems. A lot of us are warm in our houses binging TV, drinking cocoa, and taking naps. When Thursday comes, we’ll go back to life as is with no real interruptions except maybe catch up at work. 

There are untold numbers of people who are missing two days work with no pay. Some were sent home early yesterday, and if they go into late Thursday, they will have missed half a week of work.

Absorb that.

Half a week’s pay…gone.

For some, that may have been their most of their work week. I know some folks who do 10 hour days 4 days a week, and this storm took out 3.5 of their days. They are not contract but hourly, and they lost nearly an entire week’s pay.

1/4 of. their income for the month is gone.

Take a moment and consider how YOUR family would handle missing a week’s pay, what bills you wouldn’t pay, how you could keep electricity and groceries. 
Take a moment to realize the hardship of two days off work with no pay when you are working a job that barely covers things already.

Now, imagine how much some groceries or a bigger tip or a gift card or formula for your baby or a $20 found in your mailbox would cover medication or gas or…would help.


If you go to Starbucks’ after this, ask how your barista did during the storm, and if it turns out they lost a lot of income, consider giving them a bigger tip.

If you know a college student working part time or multiple jobs to make ends meet and pay for school but they missed work, maybe slip them a gift card or drop by some groceries.

If you know a family who works salaried jobs, consider groceries, gift cards, diapers, whatever.

If you go out to eat, drop a bigger tip.

Be kind. 

Be the answer.

Be someone’s sunshine on the ice days.


Author: Jerri Kelley

I am a writer, speaker, listener, and encourager who believes in the power of prayer, the joy of fireflies, and healing power of laughter. Every person on the planet was created for a purpose, and I believe in showing up, taking the risk, and living my purpose. I hope I encourage and empower others to do the same.

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